A collection of things I would like to remember

Why is TSO(n) the set of skew symmetric matrices?

Constructing Lie groups and Lie algebras

A Primer on Multi-Rate Control

From the Nonlinear Perspective

Do Discretization and Linearization Commute?

Yes, up to first order (at least)

Bipedal Locomotion with Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

Dynamic Walking 2022

Lyapunov's Method

A Brief Exposition on Stability

Multi-Rate Planning and Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

Model Predictive Control and Control Lyapunov Functions

The Role of Abstraction


Brouwer's fixed-point theorem

An Application of Homology and Category Theory

Algebraic Topology

Notes on Homology and Cohomology

Informative Videos

That have shaped my perspective


List of Hikes Done

Mineral Hunting

List of mineral hunting spots

Theory and Experiments


Model Uncertainty and Machine Learning

With Control Barrier Functions

The Pendulum

The Most Beloved Nonlinear System

Fast Trajectory Generation for Quadrupedal Walking on Slopes

Dynamic Walking 2020

Double Fed Sweet Levain Bread

pg. 182

Personal Finance