Posted on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

Graduated from Georgia Tech

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, minors in robotics and computer science. May 4

Worked at Disney Research

May 12 - Sep 19

Ran/Hiked my first Ultra (28 mi)

May 18

Rode my first century

Jul 6

Summited Mt. Whitney

Aug 11

Bouldered in Toualumne

Aug 29 - Sep 2

Bought a truck

Sep 3

Began the fermentation craze

Sep 7

Hiked into an active wildfire area (Taboose Creek to Split Mountain)

Sep 21

Started PhD program at Caltech

Sep 23

Bouldered in Horse Flats

Sep 28

Saw my first real concert

Brittany Howard at the ACE theater with free tickets (thanks Zach!). Oct 9

Hiking in St. George, UT

Dec 29 - Jan 1